Learning the Gurmukhi Letters (Penty Akhri)

Learning Outcomes: The student at Level 1 will learn the symbols and the sounds of the Penty Akhri, two-three letter Mukta words, names of colors, counting up to 10 in Punjabi. They will use The Beginnings Book 1A to achieve the benchmarks. Book 1A has 160 pages filled with 45 lessons that teach the symbols and sounds of the Penty Akhri, the Mukta words, the colors and the counting up to ten.

1. Stepping Stones PSL Book 1A- Penty Akhri: This book focuses on instruction in the 40 letters of the Penty Akhri of the Gurmukhi Script, the script of Sri Guru Granth Sahib.

Each letter is taught over three pages with explanation of the shape and the sound of it. There is focus on building rich Punjabi cultural vocabulary in each lesson. Each lesson includes handwriting practice as well as letter recognition exercises. By the time the lessons in PSL Book 1A are completed with diligence, the student is ready to connect the letters to create real Punjabi Mukta words without using any vowel symbols (Matras).

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