Instructional Resources For Punjabi And Gurmat Studies

Stepping Stones PSL Instructional Resources cover a wide range of proficiency levels and topics. The curriculum is divided in eight language proficiency levels. Each level builds foundation for the next level. If followed systematically, the students will develop basic knowledge of Punjabi reading, writing and vocabulary as well as Sikhi concepts. The content range is wide to give the students basic knowledge of every day topics. The reading and vocabulary rigor increases as the students progress through levels.

In addition to the Punjabi teaching and learning books, the series also offers Gurmat, or Sikh Tenets educational resources with Stepping Stones Gurmat Books. The Gurmat Books are all in English as the premise is to give the students the knowledge of Sikhi concepts while they are learning Gurmukhi and acquiring the knowledge of Punjabi. Stepping Stones Series provides systematic instruction to children.

The cost of each Gurmat book is $5.

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