Advantages of Stepping Stones

Advantages of Stepping Stones PSL Instructional Resources

For the Teacher:

1.A comprehensive system to teach Punjabi, Gurmukhi, Gurbani and Gurmat to children .

2.The lessons in the books have been created on a predictable pattern. Once a teacher learns how to teach one lesson, she can teach the whole book using similar strategies. Minimal training prepares the teachers to use the books effectives.

3.Teacher needs no preparation time. The books come with weekly Pacing Guides so that the curriculum can be covered in 30-35 weeks within 1.5 hours each week. This also ensures that multiple teachers teaching the same book will have consistent instruction and all children in a center will progress together.

4.Text complexity increases with each level. Easier and smaller words and sentences are used at lower levels. For example, Level 1 seeks to develop Mukta word fluency. In Level 2, when we teach Matras, every effort is made to use words that contain the Matra that is being taught or the ones that have been taught.

5.Integrate the same strategies as used for teaching English as a Second Language (ESL) to teach Punjabi as a Second Language (PSL). These are the only resources created for the children whose primary language is not Punjabi. Most books assume that children can speak and understand Punjabi before learning Gurmukhi.

6.Books are comprehensive. They include lesson, practice worksheets, weekly homework and quizzes. So you need only one Punjabi book for all purposes.

7.There are well defined proficiency benchmarks for each level. The defined curriculum at each level prepares children for the next level. This gives clear guidelines to the teachers about the learning outcomes and what needs to be taught.

8.Have been used for about 25 years with great results. The books have been revised, updated in real settings with input from real students and teachers.

9.Additional resources include PDF files of a Test Book with midterms and final exams, inventory of 500 most commonly used words, color chart, numbers charts, and flashcards at no additional cost.

10.Organizational support-Administrative Support and Teacher Training (personal or Skype) provided at no additional cost to the program.

For the Student:

11.The book covers cover the whole spectrum of the rainbow. Students get excited to hold professionally bound colorful books in their hands.

12.Books are three hole punched and can be stored in a three-ring binder. This helps protect the wear and tear of the book.

13.Books are age appropriate. The font size is larger, there is more white space and more graphics in lower levels. Text complexity increases as the students’ language proficiency increases.

14.There are culturally appropriate writings and graphics about Punjabi/Sikh people and settings. Children see themselves reflected in the text. That motivates them to stay engaged.

15.The focus of this curriculum is on mastery. The content is controlled so that the students can do many repetitions to memorize, understand and learn the concepts. The students experience success and stay motivated to learn more.

16.Books are created by a California trained ESL educator who understand the principles of curriculum development and foreign language standards.

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