Gurmat Sikhia 6

Goal of the Sikh Studies Books: to impart knowledge of the Sikh values through teaching of the Sikh history related to the Sikh Gurus’ lives and Gurbani memorization.


On sale : Jan,31,2017
Pages : 48 | Isbn : 98-651-1654
Level : 3+

This book includes six paudis of Anand Sahib in Gurmukhi and English alphabet. There are other topics for the learners of Sikhi such as principles of Sikhism including a Sikh, a Khalsa, differences in them, Amrit and Amrit Sanchar, Panj Kakkar, Sikh Rahit Mariyada, Sikh living, Chaar Kurehits, slander, jealousy, truth, and sewa.

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